Alfa Romeo 166 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Alfa Romeo

When the Alfa Romeo 166 rolled off the production line in 1996, it was introduced as an executive class 4-door saloon. Since then it has undergone a facelift in mid-2003, whose legacy then carried on to future Alfa Romeo car styles. Up until 2007, when production ended, Alfa Romeo 166 was a strong competitor in the luxury executive class mar-ket mainly in Europe. Available in the 4-door sedan body type, the 166 is a very roomy and large car capable of seating 4 people, even with its small exterior look. Built for luxury, performance and comfort, the 166 has a top speed of up to 243 km/h on select models and an average top speed of 210 km/h on most other models. Whether for a family or a single business executive, this luxury car is just what any person needs to go the distance no matter the cost and is even desirable for any car collector out there today.