Alfa Romeo 33 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Alfa Romeo

Introduced in 1983, the Alfa Romeo 33 is a small compact family car with a unique appeal. Going through three generations or series, the 33 has both a family appeal and a standard racing flare very much associated with Alfa Romeo. As a 4-door car with racing flair, the Alfa Romeo 33 is the go-to car for young people looking for a hot ride. Housing an up to a 1.8 L Fiat-4 engine, this car is both fast and economical, with the power of up to 130 bhp. As a series line that spanned over ten years of production, the Alfa Romeo 33 comes in various styles from the 5-door estate wagon to the 5-door hatchback. All in all, a driver interested in buying a 33 has a choice of 6 styles not including interior design and color scheme. Sporty and economical, this car is an excellent choice for anyone looking for classic design and sporty appeal.