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When the Alfa Romeo 6 rolled off the production line in 1979, it was named after the very first V6 engine Alfa Romeo had produced. The luxury car carried many iconic Alfa Romeo features and was the flagship car of Alfa Romeo’s new fleet of vehicles at the time. With production lasting until 1986, the 7-year production life of the Alfa Romeo 6 was long enough to establish this model’s fame and reputation. The executive class luxury car was built with a 4-door body type and a 2.0 or 2.5 L V6 engine. The vehicle has enough space for five people and can double as a family car. The Alfa 6 also had a mid-life facelift in 1983, introducing several modern features for the time. For those looking for a collector’s luxury vehicle, the pre-1983 or post-1983 models offer a great variety of style, luxury, as well as classic beauty.