Alfa Romeo 6C for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Alfa Romeo

Launched in 1927, the Alfa Romeo 6C is one of the most beautiful icons of Alfa Romeo style in history. To date, the 6C has left a mark on Alfa Romeo tradition and car styling, and many car models since its production finished in 1954 allude to the legacy of the 6C. The first generation of the 6C, which lasted two years, featured a long front engine space and a 2-door four-person cabin space. The first 6C was a fully luxury car with a beautifully bold and rounded design style, very notable in cars of that era. The 5th generation of the 6C featured the same long front engine design and had evolved to offer four variants from the luxurious Berlinetta to the sporty 2500 Competizione, which was used for racing competition. With about 30 years of production, the 6C offers so many beautiful and characteristic models and variant that you could form an entire collection of just 6C vehicles, making it the perfect collector’s car.