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When production started in 1972, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta was designed for the executive class as a high-profile car. Since its release and well into 1987, when production ended, the Alfetta underwent several roles from a sedan to a coupé to a racing sports car to becoming the Italian police car of the time. Adopting its name from the very successful formula one 1951 Alfetta 159A sports car, the Alfetta is a luxury car, a sports car, and an executive car coming in either a 2-door coupé or 4-door sedan body style. An interesting history about the Alfetta is that the GT and GTV versions were developed as high-performance variants of the 2-door coupé. Created with a boosted 110 HP for the American market, the GT and GTV versions went on to compete in various racing championships including the European Touring Car Championship. So, for those collectors looking for an iconic and versatile Alfa Romeo classic luxury car full of history and charm, this is the car to look for.