Alfa Romeo Giulia for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Alfa Romeo

When the Alfa Romeo Giulia was first unveiled to the world in 2015, it was presented as the flagship of Alfa Romeo’s new line of cars, under the “mechanics of emotion” slogan. Since 2015, it has become a worldwide icon for Alfa Romeo and has even placed second in 2017’s best car of the year ranking. Created to be the company’s executive class compact car, the Giulia is a four-door compact car with a sedan body style. Designed for business executives and families, the Giulia is both compact and spacious with a large trunk enough to fit everything a family needs to go on a camping trip. The Giulia also comes with the DNA driving experience that allows the driver to change the engine performance for weather enhanced, neutral, or performance enhanced driving. The Giulia is as much a beauty as it is a runner and is a car fit for any person looking for style and luxury.