Audi 100 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Audi

Launched in 1968, the Audi 100 is one of Audi’s longest lasting cars, having been in production for almost three decades and going through four generations. Even long after its production ended in 1994, the Audi 100 is still seen all around the world and is a testament to one of Audi’s most successful series. When the Audi 100 was first launched, it was classed as a 4-door full-size luxury sedan in the executive class. The amazing thing about Audi’s 100 line is that over its lifespan it has been re-engineered several times and used by high-profile executives, families, and was even used in motorsports. Being spacious, luxurious and high customizable, the Audi 100 is a very dependable car for families and singles alike. Do not hesitate to give this car a second look if you ever come across it.