Audi Q3 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Audi SUVs / Crossovers

When the Audi Q3 rolled off of the production line in 2011, it was already five years in the making as the first concept SUV crossover car from Audi. Today, the Audi Q3 is the go-to compact SUV crossover for multi-terrain and long-distance travel. Now in its 2nd generation, the Audi Q3 is one of the flagship cars of Audi geared towards the Crossover SUV car lovers. Following its 2015 update in look and performance, the Q3 comes with various new features like the front and rear parking sensors, Audi mobility connect, and a multimedia interface fit for people of all ages to enjoy. If you love subcompact SUV Crossovers, whether you are single or a family man, then this is the car for you.