BMW 4-Series for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage BMW

Released in 2013 to the public, the BMW 4 Series was the new model series that carried over the coupé and convertible styles offered in the 3 Series. The 4 Series is mainly a motorsport type high-performance based series with several options for lovers of that niche in cars. Still, brand new to the market, the BMW 4 Series comes in several body types being the 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, and 4-door fastback (also called the 4-Series Gran Coupe). All engines in the 4 Series are either turbo-charged petrol or turbocharged diesel with 3 cylinders (petrol only) as well as 4 and 6 cylinders. A truly powerful and luxurious car, if you are looking for speed and high-performance, then this is the car for you.