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When the BMW 6 Series was reintroduced to the market in 2003 after its pause in 1989, the model was marketed as a mid-size luxury model brand. Since then the 6 Series has grown into a multi-option high-profile luxury series known for its big cars. Now in its 4th generation, the 6 Series has been expanded to offer more than just sedans and coupé convertibles. The 6 Series offers several body styles including 2-door coupés, 2-door convertibles, 4-door sedans, and 5-door fastbacks. The most recent addition is the newly introduced 6 Series G32 which is a 6 Series Gran Turismo model that is turbocharged and all-wheel-drive (termed xDrive). All 6 Series models are either RWD or AWD and consist of turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol, 6-cylinder petrol, and 6-cylinder diesel engines. Designed with comfort and luxury, if you are looking for space and total luxury, for families and singles, this is the car for you.
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