BMW ALPINA B7 Gran Coupe for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage BMW

BMW’s Alpina B7 production started in mid-1980’s with several variants of this stunning model. Variants of this car are still being produced nowadays. It resembles the high-performance Series 7, which are produced in the same factory. Its engine is based upon BMW's twin-turbo V8, but it produces considerably more torque and horsepower, albeit with some turbo lag due to the larger turbos. However, a more measured throttle mapping makes the B7 smoother than a stock BMW 750i. This car is able to deliver 540 hp, allowing it to go from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of nearly 200 mph. This is an ideal car for lovers of German performance driven coupes who are looking for a powerful two-door beauty for a long-term relationship.