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Released in 2014, the BMW M4 is a compact executive sports car available in either 2-door convertible or 2-door coupé body style. Since its creation, the M4 has been featured in several championships and has won the 2014 and 2016 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters championships. Designed to be a mid-level executive luxury car, the M4 is a turbocharged car with unique features such as a carbon filter roof and improved chassis in comparison to the previous model. With exceptional handle, the BMW M4 has 450 Hp under its hood with a top speed of 190 mph and an acceleration speed of 3.8 from 0-60 mph. The M4 has gone head to head with top high-performance cars in its niche with its twin-turbocharged engines and top-of-the-line engineering. If you are looking for a real hot rod, this is the car for you.