BMW M5 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage BMW Sedans

A variation of the 5 series BMW model, this sports sedan finds its roots in the ES8 M5, which was hand built in 1986 and was the fastest sedan in production at the time. Since its creation, the M5 has achieved two world records for longest continuous vehicle drift of 232.5 miles and longest twin vehicle drift (water-assisted) for 49.25 miles. Already in its 7th generation, the M5 is designed beautifully with over 500 HP, 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.4 seconds, and a top speed of 190 mph. The new generation BMW F90 M5 includes dual clutch, an eight-speed transmission, and a reduced weight of 40 lb from the previous model. If you are looking for a high-performance top-of-the-class mid-size sedan, this is the car for you.