Buick Coscada for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Buick

First produced in 2013, this two-door convertible is still in production. The Buick Coscada is a front-wheel drive front-engine car manufactured by the German automaker Opel. Being the first convertible Buick since 1991, and the first two-door model of the brand since the 1999 Riviera, this car packs a 200 hp turbocharged 1.6 litre four cylinder engine with Spark Ignition Direct Injection technology and variable valve timing capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 120 mph. Ideal for anyone looking for a convertible sedan that gives the driver and passengers the possibility of feeling the breeze and the sun while surfing the roads, this vehicle lives up to its promise.