Cadillac ATS for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Cadillac Sedans and Coupes

When the ATS was unveiled in 2012, not many would expect the ATS to have become an international icon for the Cadillac sedan brand. Since its production began, the ATS has also won several awards like the 2013 Esquire Car of the Year Award and the North American Car of the Year Award in 2013. Being a premium level car, the Cadillac ATS’ interior is designed to house different leather variations, Bose surround music system and a highly interactive dashboard interface for entertainment. The Cadillac ATS is offered in either a 2-door coupé or a 4-door sedan. The ATS offers engine power options from 200 to over 450 HP and a top speed of 190 mph. Fully made for luxury and power, the Cadillac ATS is both a fast and luxurious car fit for even the most demanding luxury-loving fan. If you love Cadillac and want top-class technology and luxury, look no further.