Cadillac Deville for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Cadillac

First introduced to the market as a trim level for the 1949 coupe de Ville, the Cadillac Deville, first introduced as a car in 1958, was the Cadillac Full-size luxury car option up until 2005. Since its production, the Deville has col-lected over 40 years of history and tradition and has been featured worldwide in films and commercials alike for its charming beauty and style. The last generation, the 8th generation, was full of upgrades and innovation for its time. The DeVille featured a continuously variable road sensing suspension, automotive night vision (first in the world), and an integrated chassis control system. The DeVille offered several trim levels that went up to 300 HP and was a 4-door automatic sedan. If you are looking for true Cadillac comfort and style, then make sure to look for a DeVille.