Chevrolet Bolt for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Chevrolet

Released to the public in 2017, Chevrolet Bolt is a front-motor, five-door all-electric subcompact hatchback. The Bolt's battery uses "nickel-rich lithium-ion" chemistry, allowing the cells to run at higher temperatures than those in GM's previous electric vehicles. This means the 60 kWh (220 MJ) battery pack uses a simpler and cheaper liquid cooling system. The battery pack is a stressed member, weighs 960 lb and it accounts for 23% of the car's value. GM claims that due to how power consumption and charge works in this cars, mass production of this vehicle is not industry-optimized yet. This car is a comfortable option for those looking for a vehicle for short drives and not much more. It can drive 255 miles in the city with a full charge, which takes about 9 hours in a type 2 fast charger.