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The sporty Chevrolet Cobalt was brought into the limelight at the beginning of 2004. In its half-decade run, it has made an imprint in Chevrolet history. Being a subcompact sporty car, the Cobalt underwent year-to-year changes in its lifetime with each year’s version bringing something new to the table. Marketed as a subcompact car available as either a 2-door sporty coupé or a 4-door sedan, the compact car class Cobalt was a serious statement in the front and a hot rod in the back, with its unique rear face. Even in its short life the Cobalt was ranked 4 stars for safety by the NHTSA and featured up to 260 HP engines. With trim levels bringing luxury to this sporty car, the Cobalt can satisfy anyone’s requirements with its dependable driving and is enough to fit a single person or a family. If you looking for a truly unique car that is both somber and elegant, make sure to look for the Cobalt.