Chrysler Concorde for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Chrysler

Produced for over a decade as a luxury full-size sedan, the Chrysler Concorde is a 4-door sedan with a longitudinal front-engine and a very spacious interior environment. Since its unveiling in 1992 and until its replacement by the 300 in 2004, the Concorde established modern trends and styling for all sedans manufactured by Chrysler to this day. The second-generation Chrysler Concorde was designed very uniquely as a luxury car: the driving experience of the Concorde is of a car totally glued to the ground, especially on high-speed turns and highway curves. The Concorde came in various trim levels from basic to limited and featured heated seats, leather interiors, remote keyless entry, and much more. Featuring a vastly electronic system, the Concorde was a stylish, luxurious, and innovative car for its time. If you are looking for a classical modern car for you or your family, make sure to check out the Chrysler Concorde.