Chrysler Grand Voyager for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Chrysler

Part of the luxury minivan line made by Chrysler, the Chrysler Grand Voyager is a 4-door minivan with an 8-seat extendable space. Since its unveiling in 1988 as just the Voyager, the Grand Voyager has been replicated across many different brands and makes a truly dependable family car. Now in its 5th generation, the Chrysler Grand Voyager has many unique features like the swivel N’ Go feature that allows the 2nd-row seats to turn face to face with the 3rd-row seats and even more features including automatic parking assistance, the infotainment system, and many more. Designed with an engine HP up to 280 and an average of 25 mpg, the Grand Voyager is both economic and powerful. The Grand Voyager also has several trim levels ranging from basic to platinum, which come in many color variants and interior design options. If you are looking for a multi-purpose minivan with a wide offering, then this is the car for you and your family.