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Auto auctions have long been recognized as an affordable way to purchase a quality vehicle, but making the buy at an actual auction can be confusing and intimidating. You can't buy a vehicle at a dealer auction without being a car dealer. But you can with us. That’s why here at Auto Auction Mall we do the bidding for you, so you can get the ride of your dreams  without the hassle of navigating the complicated auction buying process.

That’s right – we do the bidding for you! Here’s how it works: Start by either  searching from the 200,000-plus vehicles  listed on our website at to find the perfect car or just  tell one of our Auction Specialists what types of models  you’re interested in so they can find one for you. You can then  create an account, make an initial deposit,  and begin bidding, making offers and/or using the Buy Now option. If you need any help with this, our  Action Specialists  are here to help. If you want to "attend" a live auction (from the comfort of your home or office) for the vehicle of your choice, our Auction Specialist will bid on your behalf in the live auction itself, working to get you the best possible price that fits within your budget. You can even virtually follow along with our agents during the live auction!

Not only do you have access to dealer-only auctions so that you can buy a car for way less than retail value.  Don’t let lack of financing keep you from getting the car you want.  We have established relationships with several lending partners around the country to offer you attractive financing options with low rates, monthly payments and  NO DOWN PAYMENT.

Once the car is yours, then we work out how to get it to you. Whether it's  shipped domestically or internationally, we work with a number of shipping companies to get you the best rate.  We also provide and handle all of the necessary paperwork  along the way to make things as streamlined and convenient as possible for you.

If it sounds easy, it’s because it is easy. Just think of it as a stress-free way to get that next great vehicle – all without breaking the bank. With  30 years of auction knowledge, access to dealer auctions and our unique business model, our full service firm has all the experience you need door-to-door.

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