Dodge Caravan for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Dodge

Unveiled in 1984 as a luxury minivan, the Dodge Caravan was marketed as an everyday multipurpose minivan fit for an entire family. Since then it has been recognized for its child safety seats, its unique innovations and more. With its most recent 5th generation, the Dodge Caravan has been modernized, made sleeker and more impressive as family car with style. The Caravan features the Stow N’ Go and Swivel N’ Go rear seating for optimum usage of the car both as a family car and a multipurpose car. In addition to that, it also comes in various trims including an option for a 6-stereo surround system, leather interiors, an infotainment display, and back seat entertainment displays great for passengers. Having many trim levels from basic to high-ticket luxury, this minivan is both luxurious and family-friendly as it has both space and a sporty luxury to it.