Dodge Magnum for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Dodge

When the Dodge Magnum was unveiled in 1979, it was marketed as a 2-door coupe. Since its unveiling, the Magnum in its most recent model has become a dependable luxurious large size station wagon. With its more recent model style, the Dodge Magnum has incorporated a more luxurious and lengthy style that sets it as both a family and luxury car. The Magnum also comes with features like a 425 HP engine, luxury leather interiors, Infinite surround sound system, and more. With many trim levels from basic to high-ticket luxury, this car is both luxurious and family-friendly as it has both space and a sporty luxury to it. If you are looking for a unique sporty station wagon with a variety of trims and color variations, look no further than the Dodge Magnum for you and your family