Dodge Nitro for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Dodge

Part of the luxury SUV line made by Dodge, the Dodge Nitro is a 4-door SUV with a 5-seat person capacity space. When it was unveiled in 2007, the Nitro was a modernized and compact version of Dodge’s take on the SUV. Although it has been short-lived, with only 5 years of production, the Nitro has been established as both a very compact and luxurious Dodge SUV. The Dodge Nitro comes with a 210 HP engine and a reliable fuel economy that is well within the range for an SUV. The Nitro features a great variety of trim levels and design options for both interior and exterior appearance. If you are looking for a luxury compact SUV with a wide variety of luxury combinations, then this is the SUV for you and your family.