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Launched in 1947, the Ferrari 159 S was the second Ferrari vehicle, succeeding the Ferrari 125 S that had won six of 14 races earlier in 1947. Only two 159S were ever built. It was almost the same car as 125 S but with a larger engine and some minor cosmetic changes. The engine was a 1.9-litre V12 producing 125 hp and it was a single overhead camshaft design with 2 valves per cylinder and three Weber 32DCF carburetors. It had a five-speed manual transmission and retained the Fiat tradition of mounting the engine in-block with the gearbox. One unit of those two was sold to the Besana brothers of Milan, and converted into a 166 Spyder Corsa for the 1948 racing season. As of 2012, the car has survived and is considered the oldest Ferrari car in existence.
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