Ferrari 208 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Ferrari

First released to the public in 1975, the Ferrari 208 is a 2-door sports car made by Ferrari from 1975 to 1985. It came in two variants, the GT4 (from 1975 to 1980) and the GTB/GTS (from 1980 to 1985). The 208 was the first turbocharged road-going Ferrari ever made. The Ferrari 208 a mid-engined V8 powered supercar offered as either a cabriolet 2-door body style or a 2-door cou-pé. The 208 had an engine power up to 240 hp. The interiors were all hand-made, and each model is furnished with the unique designs and trims the client would like. The legacy of the 208 is tied well with television as it was used in the Magnum P.I. Television series in every season and till today is still one of Ferarri’s most iconic vehicles.