Ferrari 250 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Ferrari Sedans

First released to the public in 1953, the Ferrari 250 is a 2-door luxury sports car made by Ferrari from 1953 to 1964. The 250 was one of Ferrari’s most successful early vehicle releases, generating a great number of variants and lead-ing to many successors in later years. The Ferrari 250 is a V12 Colombo engine powered grand tourer offered with various racing or luxury variants from cabriolet to a coupé. The 250 had an engine power up 300 HP and an average of 200 lb of torque depending on the model. The interiors were all hand-made, and each model is furnished with unique designs and trims according to the client’s taste. The Ferrari 250 carries a ton of history as it is one of Enzo Ferrari’s creations. If you love early Ferrari style, this is a must-have in your collection.