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Produced from 1989 to 1995, the Ferrari 348 was offered in 3 body styles (all 2-door models): Berlinetta, Targa, and Spider. The 348 was also heavily involved in motorsport competition, and a competition model was especially built and delivered to car collector Guy Audebort. The Ferrari 348 came in many variants, and all sported the 3.4 L Tipo F119 V8 engine. The engines themselves had a power output of 300-330 HP, depending on the model, and had a max speed of 171 mph. The 348 has a 0-100 mph acceleration of 11.5 seconds. The interiors were all hand-made, and each model is furnished with unique designs and trims to client specification. For a Ferrari, the 348 is a stylish and highly desirable luxury car truly for the high-class collector.