Ferrari Mondial for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Ferrari

First released to the public in 1980, the Ferrari Mondial is a 2 door luxury sports car made by Ferrari from 1980 to 1993. The Mondial was one of Ferrari’s modern creations of the time and was also heavily involved in motorsports. The Ferrari Mondial is a mid-engined V8 powered grand tourer available with either a cabriolet 2 door body style or a 2 door coupé. The Ferrari Mondial is the only model in Ferrari’s history to be a full 4 seat cabriolet. make and model which offered a full cabriolet in Ferrari history. The Mondial had an engine power option from 214 HP to 300 HP and an average of 200 lb of torque depending on the model. The interiors were all handmade and each model is furnished with the most unique designs and trims the client would like. The Mondial carries a ton of history, and if you love a formula 1 inspired 1980’s Ferrari, look no further than this super sports car.