Fiat 1100 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Fiat

The production of this emblematic Fiat model began back in 1937. Production of the Fiat 1100 went on with the introduction of different variants, new components and designs until 1969. This small family car was redesigned after WWII in order to make it more modern and comfortable, and to include updated mechanical features more attuned to the time’s automotive trends. In 1953, the 1100 was completely redesigned as a compact 4-door sedan, with a modern monocoque bodywork and integrated front lights. The new model was called the 1100/103 after its project number, and was offered (as usual at that time) in two different versions: “economica” (cheaper) and “normale” (standard). This model was for several years while undergoing changes to adapt to to market needs. If you would like to own a piece of the Italian automotive history in your garage, this is the choice for you.