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The Fiat 1200 was introduced in 1957 in its first two variants: 1200 Granluce and 1200 Spyder. Presented at the Turin Motor Show, the Granluce model was an upmarket our-door saloon, reengineered from the 1100. It featured an all-new modern greenhouse, a wider windshield, ampler side windows and a rear panoramic window—hence the Granluce name, meaning "grand light". At the rear, the car adopted the fins and longer boot of the contemporary Fiat 1100 1958 model. Conceived as a luxury model, the Granluce's bodywork was heavily decorated. This car was developed with a 1.2L engine capable of delivering 54hp. Almost 400,000 units were produced until it was discontinued in 1961 with the arrival of the 1300 model. If you are looking for a family ride on a classic Italian car, this may be the choice for you.