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First presented in 1964 and with its production going on until 1973, this small rear-engined rear-wheel drive model came into the market as the successor of the well-known Fiat 600. Developed as a replacement for the 600 starting back in 1959, there is a lot of the 600 in the 850. The sedan body is an aerodynamically improved version of the 600, the 843cc engine in the 1964 original was developed from the 600D and the chassis is nearly identical, stretched to "Grande" dimensions. The 850 came in two versions: "normale" with 34 hp and "super" with 37 hp (28 kW). The maximum speed was approximately 125 km/h (78 mph). Easy-to-drive from its core, and running smoothly but not too fast, it is ideal for anyone looking for a vehicle to go short distances daily.