Ford Crown Victoria for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Ford

One of Ford’s most iconic 2000s car brands and often used as the standard American police car, the Ford Crown Victoria is a luxury line full-size sedan. Since the Ford Crown Victoria was unveiled in 1998, the Crown Vic, as it has been often known as, has been regarded as one of the most customizable and dependable luxury sedans made by Ford. The 2nd generation Ford Crown Victoria features a plethora of unique designs, trim lines, and powerful packaging options. Do not be mistaken by its classy looks. Although the Crown Vic is a luxury sedan, it houses 250 HP under its hood with a top speed of 160 mph. No wonder this luxury car has been used nationwide by the police. If you are looking for a luxury sedan with a wide array of luxury options, history, and iconic style, make sure to look for the Ford Crown Victoria.