Ford Taurus for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Ford

One of Ford’s more well-known car lines, the Ford Taurus was introduced to the market in 1985 as a midsize luxury sedan. Since then, the Ford Taurus has transitioned into a full-size luxury standard sedan with many reliable features. The 7th generation Ford Taurus is a 4 door sedan powered by a V6 EcoBoost engine that houses 250 HP. The Ford Taurus comes in a variety of trim levels and design options, which makes the car both highly customizable and very reliable as it sports a very strong and powerful design that attests to its own name. Fit for families, the Taurus comes with cruise control, curve control, advanced safety features, an interactive display system and much more. If you are looking for a reliable luxury sedan perfect for your family, then look no further than the Ford Taurus.