GMC Denali for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage GMC

This full SUV came to life during the 1990s, and still dominates the open roads. Not only that, but without any promotion or advertising, these series accounted for 20% of total GMC sales, making it one of the best-selling and most popular vehicles produced by GM. The GMC Denali came in two shapes and sizes: the Yukon Denali, a high-quality SUV, or the Sierra Denali, a pickup truck of great value. And that’s not all: under the hood you can find 8.1L SIDI v-8 engine with 326 hp, ethanol-capable and direct-injection two-mode hybrid propulsion system. In 2009, this vehicle reached up to 403 hp, making it one of the strongest vehicles in this class. It is a bit pricy, but the value is at least ten times greater than the amount you pay for this beautiful vehicle.