GMC Safari for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage GMC

When it was unveiled to the public in 1985, the GMC Safari was marketed as a minivan for daily use by singles or families. Now over three decades since it first came out and even after its discontinuation in 2005, the GMC Safari is a common sight around construction sites and school areas because of its large passenger capacity and interior vehicle space. If you are looking for a really dependable minivan, the GMC Safari has it all: heated seats, leather interior options, factory-made construction prepped models, and multiple models with enough torque and horsepower to move a family’s worth of furniture. With its austere design, the Safari is made to fit people and fit objects, the Safari is big enough for camping trips and is built tough enough to last many years. Whether for construction or a large family, the GMC Safari is the right minivan to choose for you.