Hyundai Equus for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Hyundai

Manufactured from 1999 to 2016, the Hyundai Equus is a full-size luxury sedan made for the executive class appeal. Even after production ended, the Hyundai Equus is still regarded as a very user-friendly car with various options and features very suitable for families and executive class consumers. The Equus is available in various body styles from the regular 4-door sedan style Equus GLS to the much longer Equus Limousine. The Equus houses 425 HP under its hood with a 380 lb. torque power. The Equus features leather seats, sunroof features, large alloy wheels, and many more interior and exterior options. Fit for families, very reliable and with a great fuel economy, this endurable and long-lasting car is perfect for executives or families seeking a dependable and luxurious car for a long time coming.