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The INFINITI M30 is an entry level coupe from the lineup of what has now become the flagship of the luxury Nissan Infiniti range. Originally released in 1989, the INFINITI M30, also called the Nissan Leopard, was first introduced as a coupe before being transformed into a convertible exclusively for the American market. It had everything a luxury coupe at that time could have. The original M30 was a 2-door coupe powered by a V-6 engine and a 4-speed auto transmission. The convertibles, introduced a year later, had electrical modifications to the speedometer. Changes were also made to the fuel and coolant temperature gauges. And the final models took on the Infiniti logo instead of the previous Nissan. Production for the M30 was discontinued in 1992. And in that period, approximately 17,000 cars were sold.