Infiniti Q50 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Infiniti Sedans

When the Infiniti Q50 was first unveiled in 2013, it was the new generation of hybrid executive cars made by Infiniti. Since 2013, it has become known worldwide through its involvement in motorsports and for its sleek luxurious style. Created to be the company’s executive class compact car, the Infiniti Q50 is a four-door compact car with a sedan body style. Designed for business executives and families, the Infiniti Q50 is filled with unique safety features and durable engine design to create a long-lasting car with both a compact and a spacious environment. The Infiniti Q50 also comes a wide array of colorful designs and trim levels for enhanced driving experiences based on the trim level you choose. The Infiniti Q50 is as much a beauty as it is a runner and is a car fit for any person looking for style and luxury.