Infiniti QX80 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Infiniti SUVs / Crossovers

One of Infiniti’s most reliable and stylish cars, the Infiniti Qx80 is both large and attractive in its design style and performance. Since its introduction to the market in 2004, the Yukon has performed very well to consumer demands and has been one of Infiniti’s top-ranked SUVs to this day. The Infiniti Qx80 features a wide array of design styles and trim levels as it is a full package high-status 5-door wagon SUV. Built for high profile executives and families alike, the Infiniti Qx80 is both very luxurious and dependable as it contains many safety features and a powerful engine. The Infiniti Qx80 houses up to 400 HP under its hood with 420 lb. of torque. A very stylish car, the Infiniti Qx80 is perfect for those looking for a statement car with enough space for a family.