Jaguar S-Type for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Jaguar

One of Jaguar´s most iconic car series of the 2000s, the Jaguar S-Type is a luxury line mid-size sedan. Since the Jaguar S-Type was unveiled in 1999, the Jaguar S-Type has been regarded as one of the most retro and stylish Jaguars of the 2000s decade. The Jaguar S-Type features a plethora of unique designs, trim lines, and powerful packaging options. Do not be mistaken by its classy looks, though the Jaguar S-Type is a luxury sedan, it houses up to 400 HP under its hood with a top speed of 155 mph. No wonder this luxury car is seen as luxurious and high-class. If you are looking for a luxury sedan with a wide array of luxury options, history, and iconic retro style, make sure to look for the Jaguar S-Type.