Kia Borrego for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Kia

One of Kia’s better-known models, the Kia Borrego was unveiled to the world in 2008 and was branded as a mid-size SUV. Now almost a decade since its unveiling, the Kia Borrego has won several awards like the Best-in-Class Sports Utility Vehicle of 2009, among others. The Kia Borrego has undergone many transformations and unique innovations since its unveiling in 2008. The Kia Borrego also comes in various trims including an option for a 6-stereo surround system, leather interiors, an infotainment display, and back seat entertainment displays great for passengers. With enough space for a whole family, the Kia Borrego is the perfect SUV for anyone looking for comfort, versatility, and safety for your family and friends.