Kia K7 for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Kia

Also known as the Kia Cadenza in several international markets, the Kia K7 is an executive class car with luxury appeal. The K7 has distinguished itself as a very safe car, having won the top safety pick rating from the IIHS from 2014 to 2017. Released in 2009, the luxury/executive class 4-door Kia K7 has already entered its 2nd generation of luxury class comfort, design, and technology. New features seen in the 2nd generation, released in 2017, include an 8-speed automatic transmission with a drive mode select system, dual sunroof, and 3.3L, 300 HP V6 engine. The Kia K7 dressed to impress, and was even used by the former president of South Korea as a state car that showcases class and authority. If you are looking for a true executive class car, make sure to check out this luxurious car today.