Land Rover Range Rover PHEV for Sale - Buy Used & Salvage Land Rover

Released in 2012, the Land Rover Range Rover has a hybrid feel to it that truly brings a breath of fresh air to those looking for the vehicle of the future. The PHEV model of the range Rover brings speed and solid driving, which attests to the quality of any Land Rover you encounter. Known for its smooth, virtually silent, and seamless transitioning from gas to electric, the Land Rover Range Rover PHEV is a true work of art of a car. Built for safety and comfort, the PHEV boasts enhanced safety features like automatic breaking and smooth control on steering. The vehicle has 404 HP and has a 0-60mph acceleration of 6.7 seconds, making it powerful and economic with 45 mpg fuel economy. If you are looking for a family car with a hybrid engine, this is the car for you.