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Overcoming Difficulties When Using US Dealer Auctions as an International Buyer

By Mike Richards Posted: 07/25/2017

When it comes to buying a used car in the United States, websites that provide access to dealer auctions have changed the game. These websites are able to allow ordinary consumers to access dealer auctions, which had previously been closed to the public. Because of this, consumers can now enjoy the same kind of savings that had once been the sole purview of dealers.

This translates into the potential for saving thousands of dollars when you buy a used car. In addition, it also gives those who use these sites access to a wealth of vehicles that cannot be matched by any other source. But, it’s not just consumers in the United States who can use these websites for their gain. It turns out that international buyers can use them as well!

Of course, when you use dealer auctions to buy used cars in the United States as an international buyer, there are some particular difficulties that you’ll encounter. For this reason, we’re going to review what these difficulties are, and how you can easily overcome them.

Understanding Restrictions Upon the Import of Used Cars

Before you start bidding in dealer auctions online, it’s important to do some background research. First, you’ll want to get in touch with your country’s customs authority to learn about what import restrictions exist for used cars.

While most countries allow for used cars to be imported, many place certain limits upon what kinds of used cars are permissible. Most often, you’ll find that countries will require that used vehicles be of a certain age or younger. In addition, there will likely be some guidelines regarding vehicle safety and environmental standards.

Understanding what these restrictions are is vitally important. You would not, after all, want to bid on and win a vehicle that will be turned away at your country’s border.

Getting a Handle on Import Duties and Taxes for Used Cars

In order to maximize the deal you get through dealer auctions in the U.S., you need to understand how duties and taxes work in your country. The extent of these duties can vary quite widely, with some countries charging virtually nothing and others charging amounts in excess of a vehicle’s value.

In researching these duties and taxes, you’ll want to look for two things. First, you’ll want to determine whether or not the rates vary depending upon the vehicle. This will necessarily inform your bidding decisions. In addition, you’ll want to ascertain if your country uses CIF for calculating duties and taxes. If so, you’ll want to shop around for the best possible rate for international shipping.

Working with Your Auction Specialist for the Best Result

The best part about using online dealer auto auctions as an international buyer is the amount of help you get. Websites that provide access to dealer auctions also give their users access to an auction specialist. This person can help with everything when it comes to searching and bidding. In addition, they can also handle arranging international shipping for any vehicle that you buy!