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2016 Chevrolet Impala CNG 3-litre Review

By Auto Auction Mall Team Posted: 09/06/2018

If boldness, robustness, and style are features you look for in a car, then the 2016 Chevrolet Impala, fits the bill. Chevrolet is an old, well established, and well-known American automaker brand founded in 1911 in the iconic Detroit city. Today, the brand has expanded dramatically, selling vehicles all over the world. Chevrolet has used all their experience and design prowess to create the Impala. The 10th generation Impala brings better looks, driving and more comfort than previous models. The 2016 CNG model, in particular, has many unique features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s look at the Impala, how it was created, and what it represents.

chevrolet impala sedan cng 3lt


The first iteration of the Chevrolet Impala was introduced in 1958. The ‘Bel Air’ Impala was built only as a sports coupé or convertible at the time. The name, Impala, was derived from African antelopes of the same name, due to them being both elegant and fast: the concepts behind the iconic car. Now 60 years since introduction, and many subsequent generations later, the Impala is still winning awards and admirers. The 2016 CNG model boasts all the style as other models of the same year.

CNG Model

However, in addition to all the usual specs, the CNG model offers an additional CNG tank under the hood that holds up to 7.88 GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent) of gas. This new addition allows drivers to purchase the more affordable natural gas for their vehicles. The CNG on the Impala can go up to 150 miles on a full tank before switching to regular gas. The Impala also features a manual switch to change gas sources in the car even while driving. All this makes the Bi-fuel model a very innovative approach to natural gas transport.

Driving Experience

The Impala provides a smooth and quiet drive compared to similar vehicles. According to multiple reviews, the Impala has a spacious and well-designed interior. The vehicle doesn’t lack on power either as the V6 3-liter engine puts out 260 HP on gasoline and 230 HP on Natural Gas. The EPA has rated the combined mpg of both tanks to be an average of 20 mpg. This number may not sound impressive, but consider the value of buying Natural Gas. Regarding dependability, with a tank that can take you about 600 miles and with a strong driving experience, the 4-door Impala is very versatile, especially for those who travel longer distances.


The Impala features a plethora of safety features. These include antilock brakes, traction and stability control, surrounding airbags and many more accident and driving assist features. The 2016 Impala contains the same safety features as the 2015 model. These features have provided high scores and ratings from significant driving safety institutions. From the NHTSA, the Impala scored a perfect 5-star rating on all crash tests from frontal, side, and rear collisions. The IIHS rated the Impala as “good” on all moderate frontal and side offsets and bumps. The collision warning and automatic braking systems earned a “superior” rating from IIHS. You can feel confident about safety in this vehicle.


Chevrolet Impala CNG 3LT Chevrolet Impala CNG 3LT Chevrolet Impala CNG 3LT

The interior of this car is designed to be luxurious. At the $40,000+ ticket price, one would only expect certain luxuries. The 2016 model features modern amenities like Car Play, an 8-inch display for navigation and infotainment, and keyless entry as well as remote start. Being the top trim level, the CNG model features leather seating, interior climate control and heating, and rear cameras with park assist. The 2016 model replaced the flimsy plastic from the previous year’s models and introduced quality leather and accented wood-lined dashboards. The interior is very spacious; so much so that one can go on a road trip with four 6-foot individuals and do so very comfortably.

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If you are looking for an innovative car with an appeal to families, the 2016 Impala LT CNG, is the car to choose. You are getting a great deal on a car with bi-fuel options, with values ranging from $20k to $30k for this vehicle at a used price. Not only does this car carry you for 600+ miles on a full tank, but provides you with space and security. With multiple reviews, excellent ratings, and a comfortable trim line, there will be no surprises when you decide on this car, guaranteed.