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3 Reasons to Try Auto Dealer Auctions Right Now!

By Mike Richards Updated: 12/11/2017 Posted: 02/09/2017

One of the greatest expenses that anyone makes in his or her lifetime is the purchase of a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying new, used or even looking for a salvage car to fix up, vehicles are expensive. Therefore, most any consumer will be looking for the manner in which to save the most money when purchasing a vehicle. It’s for this very reason that many auto buyers have now turned toward auto dealer auctions to make their purchases.

Up until recently, these kinds of auctions had only been open to dealers and closed to the general public. But, this has changed due to the advent of online dealer auto auctions. Websites that provide this service are able to list vehicles from certain dealer-only auction houses on their site so that you get access to this inventory at great prices, therefore granting these same consumers access to a universe of vehicles and incredible savings.

The new opportunities to get a hold of these cars are usually only open to those with dealer licenses themselves, and usually used to get cars at such low prices that they can then be sold on, from the dealer’s forecourt with enough of a profit margin as to make this the sole business model of many dealers.

Most people are still unaware that the new ‘proxy-dealers’ now exist online, making them still a greatly-underused and less-understood way of getting your hands on these vehicles, and cutting out the usual middle man’s markup.

But, as with any new way of doing things, some remain skeptical about using online auto dealer auctions to purchase vehicles. That’s why we’re going to review the three main benefits:

  • Convenience: There’s simply a lot of legwork involved when you purchase a vehicle through a dealership or directly through a seller. You have to travel here and there, and then once you find something that strikes your interest, you have to haggle. With online auto dealer auctions, you can shop for a car from the comfort of your own home. Even better, the fact that you’re bidding on cars means that haggling becomes a thing of the past! And this isn’t all. Most proxy bidders now will also organize shipping for you now, both across the US and abroad, to a large range of countries. This usually comes at an extra fee of course – but the think of the time and effort saved, compared to having to organize transport yourself, even if it’s just from an auction house in your area.
  • Choice: Likewise, when you go from dealership to dealership, or search for cars that are for-sale-by-owner on the Internet, you’re incredibly limited in what your choices are. With online dealer auto auctions, you’ll literally have access to vehicles that are up for auction across the entire country. This means you can find vehicles of virtually all makes and models, from classic collectibles to like-new vehicles. Everything is represented, from pickup trucks to convertibles, motorcycles even to boats!
  • Cost: Any dealership is going to take its markup, as is any owner who’s selling his or her vehicle directly. When you choose to purchase a car through an online dealer auto auction, there is no markup – just a simple, low-cost, fixed rate fee. Because of this, you stand to save literally thousands of dollars… Provided you make sound bidding decisions, of course! This also applies to shipping. Letting the experts take care of setting up shipping not only removes the risk of using an disreputable transporter, that might damage the vehicle or rip you off with hidden fees, but also any chances of miscommunications, or a lack of correct paperwork, doing something that you’re not that familiar with. Simply get the vehicle shipped straight to your door without worrying about the final fees!

These sites are so simple to use, that first-time buyers will not only have libraries of help materials, step by step guides and instructions, but also assistants, live on-hand to help you through each step, and answer any questions. Auto dealer auctions want you to have the best possible experience, and so will help you at every step, to make sure you leave the event with a smile.

For a detailed, step by step guide to using these auto dealer auctions, check out our complete guide, which will take you through the complete process of buying your first vehicle through these auctions, and is full of tips.

Simply put, there’s no good reason not to give online auto dealer auctions a try today. If you do, you’ll quickly discover why so many other auto buyers are using them to make their vehicle purchases, and you’ll almost certainly follow suit yourself!