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4 Life-Saving Car Escape Accessories Every Driver Should Own

By Daisy Emah-Emah Posted: 10/25/2021

Have you ever thought of how you would escape if you are ever in an accident? 


Even the thought of it makes one cringe… 


Car accidents can be very scary and in the case of a bad accident, every second is important. One of the reasons is that your car becomes a major threat to your life… 


About 1.35 million people are killed in fatal crashes each year, with an average of about 3,700 deaths a day globally and 20-50 million injured or disabled.




Although we hope it never happens, it is better to be equipped with the right tools and know-how to use them if the situation arises.

Having a dead battery is a real bummer but being stuck in your car in an accident can cost a life…Road safety should be a major priority for every driver or car owner… which is why you need to invest in safety gadgets for your safety and others… 


Even though road accidents cannot be totally eradicated, they can, however, be prevented or mitigated. We have put together a few accessories that will save your life or, at the very least, help reduce the risk of an accident…


1. Car Glass breaker

If an accident occurs and the vehicle is submerged, it becomes difficult to open any of the doors because of the pressure being too strong inside the car. The only way to have stabilized pressure is when the car is filled with water. This on its own is another risk for the driver. 


Glass breakers, like a hammer tool, can help the driver get out of the car before it is filled with water. Use the glass breaker to smash the corner of the window during an emergency. 


The glass breaker may come in the manual as an added feature in pocket knives or tactical pens and may need a lot of force to break the windows. 


It also comes as spring-assisted which is activated when pressed up against the window glass. The spring-assisted glass breaker is your best bet to get you out of the car faster.    


2. Seat Belt Cutter Tool

When there is a car crash, the seat belt helps save your head from impact but it can soon become a barrier when you need to escape. If the car is overturned or submerged the door will be jammed or you may be tangled with the seatbelt and you may have just a few seconds to get out.


Use the seatbelt cutters snap onto the seat belt, and cut down the belt near the buckle. This can save your life and reduce the risk of serious injury. 


Once you have cut the seatbelt off, you can use the glass breaker to smash the window and make your escape. 


3. Emergency Flashlight

In case of an accident where there is no source of light, an emergency handheld flashlight comes in handy. It provides a light source for you to locate other tools in the chaos. 


The emergency flashlight comes with a rechargeable hand-cranking flashlight, a USB charger where you need to charge to call for help. It may also come with a red signal light.  


4. First Aid Kit

Every driver should own an equipped first aid kit in their vehicle. With the first aid kit, you can handle minor cuts and injuries. 


With some other items, you can manage a severely injured person(s) until medical personnel arrives at the scene.  Choose the approved first aid kit when making your choice


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When Choosing Car Escape Accessories

When choosing an escape tool you need to be particular about the tool’s performance. There are lots of tools in the market and you need to choose the best one that has great performance because they are needed in an emergency. 


Also, you need to look at the durability and reliability of the tool. You don’t need a tool that will break on the first attempt – it can be disastrous. Before making rash decisions make sure to choose a tool that won’t break apart during use.   


Finally, you can also go for tools with versatility. Tools with multiple functions will save you stress and time during an emergency. You don’t want to be searching for different tools when you are panicking. Check to see different products that offer versatility. 


The best tools can save your life…

Accidents are inevitable but can be prevented by practicing safe driving and investing in escape tools in case of an emergency.