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5 Best Easy To Maintain Vehicles In Nigeria

By Femi Amisu Updated: 06/09/2023 Posted: 02/09/2019

It is common knowledge that most car owners in Nigeria don’t really take the servicing and maintenance of their vehicles seriously until a fault develops. It’s not uncommon to even find car owners “managing” for a while, bringing on more damage to the car unknowingly. This is why we want you to know the best easy to maintain vehicles you can find in Nigeria.

Car maintenance is an important series of proceedings that must be carried out at intervals to maintain the efficiency of the vehicle. Owning a vehicle will require you to take responsibility for its maintenance. Failure to service your vehicle will expose you to probable accidents. The busy and hectic schedules of many Nigerians make it difficult for them to find time to take their vehicles for routine servicing. Thankfully, there are vehicles that are easy to maintain, which gives you ample time to prepare for proper servicing.

This article will show some cars that are strong enough to run all year with a quarterly maintenance plan. Also, if you’re budget is tight and you’re saving for servicing, then I hope you have one of the cars below as it’ll save you the extra cost of seeing a technician too frequently.

Toyota Corolla (All Years)

Toyota Corolla is a small car manufactured to suit the needs of those who don’t fancy big cars like trucks and SUV’s. The Corolla is portable, affordable, and doesn’t cost a lot to maintain. This makes it a favourite for Nigerians. Availability of parts and abundance of skilled labour is another top reason why you find many Nigerians loving this particular car.

Full and proper service maintenance for a Toyota Corolla annually would cost approximately N100-N130, 000. If your budget will not permit you to service annually, then you can split the money into four and find a technician who would be willing to service your vehicle quarterly.

Honda Accord (All Years)

While some Nigerians may prefer SUV’s for a range of reasons including bad roads and terrain, others prefer sedan cars. Regardless of the choice and Nigerian road conditions, Honda is, by all means, the second largest favourite amongst Nigerians when it comes to car ownership. Popular Honda models in Nigeria include Accord, Pilot and the Civic models. Some Honda lovers would argue for the interior while others would say handling makes Honda cars their favourites. Notwithstanding, we can dispute the ease of maintenance and availability of parts gives Honda brands the much-needed edge.

The cost of maintenance for this vehicle is approximately N100-140, 000 in a 12-month time frame. Very small difference compared to the Corolla.

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Toyota Avalon (All Years)

It would be unbelievable if there wasn’t another Toyota on this list. The Avalon is also a sedan car that’s a little bigger and more luxurious than the first two sedan vehicles mentioned. The Avalon speaks style and trendiness and the fact that most Avalons come in 6 cylinder variants with posh interiors also makes it a favourite for many Nigerians.

Being a Toyota product, routine maintenance and servicing won’t cost an arm. Cost of maintenance for the Avalon is approximately N120-150, 000 for a 12-month time frame.

Honda CR-V (All Years)

You don’t want a big car or a small car, say no more; this is your answer. The Honda CR-V is the perfect SUV for those in your category. One would assume that because of its high ranking and style, the cost of maintenance would be expensive. Fortunately, that’s not the case. The cost of maintenance for the CR-V is approximately N130-150, 000 annually.

Nissan Pathfinder (All Years)

Not leaving out the lovers of large SUVs, the Pathfinder is a strong vehicle that seems well suited and built for the ruggedness of the Nigerian road. It is another vehicle with surprisingly affordable maintenance cost. With a beauty like this, you have absolutely no maintenance issue that cannot be sorted out.  

Nissan parts and skilled labour are just like the Toyotas, readily accessible in Nigeria so no worries if your Nissan needs to have something replaced. The cost of repair and maintenance yearly goes between N150-160, 000.

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