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5 Kinds of People that Should Use Dealer Auto Auctions Online

By Mike Richards Updated: 05/22/2019 Posted: 02/20/2017

If you haven’t heard already, online auto auctions are dramatically changing the way that ordinary consumers buy used cars, as well as salvage, like-new and brand new vehicles. For many years, if you wanted to buy a car, you would either have to go to a dealership or used car lot, or go through ads to buy directly from the owner, or else go to the trouble of driving to a car auction venue. Now the internet allows you to take part in online auctions, where any regular buyer can have access to a huge variety of vehicles and bid on them from the comfort of his or her own home. Websites that offer access to dealer auctions allow ordinary consumers to enjoy the same kinds of savings that licensed dealers have long enjoyed when stocking their inventories.

Still, some people are still reluctant about taking this great opportunity and still believe that these online auctions may not be right for them. For this reason, we thought it would be useful to take a look at five different kinds of people who should definitely use online vehicle auctions to get their next car.

  1. Luxury Tastes, Budget Wallets

What can we say? Some people just develop a taste and affinity for the finer things in life, yet their wallets can’t exactly sustain those predilections. If that sounds like you, then you should definitely check out online used car auctions! Through them, you might be able to find that luxury automobile you’ve had your eye on and save thousands on what you would have had to spend otherwise. Online dealer auctions can be an even better option for these buyers. Although dealer auctions can only be accessed by holders of dealer’s licenses, any regular buyer can hire the services of a third-party proxy bidder. This is a company that uses their dealer license to help regular consumers select the cars that they are interested in and buy them from certain dealer auctions. The proxy bidder will bid on their client’s behalf (up to the budget limit set by the client) and take care of the paperwork. They can even arrange for the vehicle to be transported from the auction venue to the client’s house and even exported, if needed. All of this for a very reasonable fee.

  1. The Spare-Parts Scrounger

Something of a gear head? Looking for a cheap way to source hard-to-find parts for vehicles that you’re working on? At online auctions, you can also find salvage cars. These vehicles are much cheaper than their used or brand new counterparts and can provide you with a cheap reliable source of car parts. The universe of salvage cars that you can access through dealer auctions is also a universe of incredibly cheap spare parts. Maybe it’s time to take a look at what’s out there?

  1. The Collector

Is there a classic vehicle that you’ve always had your eye on? Are you looking for that ultimate collectible that you can show off to your friends and neighbors? Rather than scrounging through ads online, check out the inventory available through online dealer auto auctions. Among the thousands of cars, you’re sure to spot the collector’s vehicles that will be right for you! Not only online auctions make it easier for you to find the collector car you are dreaming about, odds are that you can get it for a relatively reasonable price as well.

  1. Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It

Speaking of finding collector’s vehicles, online dealer auto auctions are a great place to start if you’re looking for a vehicle that can become your new passion project. At online auctions, you can acquire salvage cars for a fraction of the price. Contrary to popular opinion, not all salvage cars are complete wrecks. Insurance companies declare a vehicle as salvage when the costs of repairing it exceed a certain percentage of its market value. This means that you may be able to find salvage cars that you can then take on as your special repair project. Given the tremendous amount of money you’ll be able to save on the purchase price, you can put more money than you would have been able to otherwise toward really fixing up (and souping up) that hot new car.

  1. Honestly… Everyone!

Really, though, there’s absolutely no one alive who shouldn’t give online dealer auto auctions a try. Through these websites, you can have access to thousands of cars at the click of a button and the ability to save up to 70% or even 80% on the final purchase price. And, since these websites offer such a large variety of vehicles, it is almost certain that you will find the car that is right for you. With benefits like that, who can really say no?